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Blazing fast internet is already on and ready to go. All you need to do is plug in a wireless router and set up your own wifi network or you can plug your TV/Laptop directly into the data jack. No cable modem is needed.

Most routers are compatible, however, ApartNet provides speeds up to a gig at many properties, so we recommend gig-compatible routers. Here are a few:
Google Wifi
Netgear Nighthawk
Ubiquiti AmpliFi
Netgear Orbi

First, check that your router is plugged into both power and the data jack and has been properly set-up. Second, try power-cycling your router by unplugging it for 20 seconds and then plugging it back in. Still not working….please fill out the webform, give us a call at 866-779-8585 or send an email to support@apartnet.com and please include your property name, unit # and call back info.

Often times you can use a router you brought with you. If it is a new router please follow the setup guide that came with the router.

If the router is an old router please factory reset your router and go through the initial setup once more.

Can you still see your wifi broadcasting? If yes use a testing device with an ethernet port (laptop, game console, smart tv), unplug your router, and plug your testing device into the same wall port where the router was, bypassing the router so the device is straight into the wall, verify if internet is available. If not make sure your router is powered on. If you get internet when bypassing your router your router may need to be replaced. If plugged straight into the wall and still not recieving internet call or message ApartNet Tech Support. (800-577-3319)

Please do not use your old cable modem or CenturyLink modem, as they will NOT work with this service. You will need a router device to work with ApartNet internet. We recommend a WiFi router, costing around $100. You will need to do the setup and programming of your router before the internet will work, please contact our tech support if you need help!

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