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Residents Want Great Internet

Unnecessarily complicated no more, Apartnet eliminates common hurdles to providing your residents with a great online experience.


We’ve reimagined the internet experience for modern apartment dwellers

Gigabit Speeds

Providing modern high speeds with next generation technologies


Designed for MultiFamily

Networks built to last and handle simultaneous load


Active Before
Move In

Convenient for both property owner and residents


Revenue Source For Owners

Revenue to reinvest in your properties

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We’ve reimagined the internet experience for modern apartment dwellers
24/7 Support

Use Apartnets built in support and never worry about troubleshooting residents networks yourself.


All installations built with best security practices.

The Apartnet Difference

Apartment Internet Simplified

High Speed is a Must-Have Amenity

Right now, over 93% of residents want high-speed internet and most won’t sign a lease without it.
For the first time in history, a majority of residents would rather have great internet than in-unit washers and dryers.

However, Communities Often Fail To Deliver

After move-in, residents have to call a provider, sit on hold for 20 minutes, schedule activation, wait a week, skip work to be home to let them in to set it up, wait an hour, get flooded with emails selling a bundled TV or phone package, sit on hold for another 20 minutes if you have problems—it’s not the greatest move-in experience.


And Big Providers Are Usually To Blame

Historically, the only way to get internet to residents has been to work with big providers who aren’t good partners for apartment owners. Not only are they severely disliked by residents, they work hard to eliminate any chance an owner might have to increase NOI.

Now There's A Better Way

We’ve reimagined the internet experience for modern apartment dwellers
A Better Way

How It Works

Apartnet focuses on one thing: providing the greatest internet experience for apartment residents and owners. With these three simple steps, we ensure every property gets the reliable, blazing fast internet service that’s right for you.



Apartnet Negotiates Superior Rates Nationwide



Apartnet Installs Gigabit Internet In Every Unit + Free Common Area Wifi



Apartnet Provides Support End Ensures Customer Happiness For For A Low Monthly Price

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